Ufip 18" Experience Series Bell Crash Cymbal

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Ufip 18
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For more the 75 years the UFIP cymbal making know how has been passed on from one generation to the next. This has created some outstanding masterpieces. We take the liberty to continuously try new ideas and develop them further. Drummers come and visit us daily to have their cymbals tailor-made by our cymbal smiths. Experience Cymbals are as versatile as the individual requirements of our customers and the joy of experimenting of our cymbal makers. While other UFIP series can be categorized by their sound character, Experience Cymbals follow no rules. Experience Cymbals are only made in very small quantities. They are single models, special orders (custom cymbals) and pre-production instruments which represent the demands of our customers. Real Chinas are made of B20 bell bronze. Their shape is being hammered and not pressed. Their large bell and wide bottom-hammered edge (reversed) make them sound extremely dark, full and mellow. All Real Chinas are very thin and have a very fast response. Tiger Chinas have a shimmering surface resembling a tiger with a powerful, deep and aggressive sound. The foundation is our new B12 alloy which is first tempered and then hammered in shape (reversed). After the tuning the surface is heated with a welding torch until they reach a fire red glow and is then finally smoothed. Vintage Rides are a special selection of traditional ride cymbals of the 30s and 60s. They are available as 19 and 20 rides with a Natural finish. They are very thin, have a dark, warm and distinct tone. They can be characterized as typical old style crash/ride cymbals. The 21 ride has a Bionic finish and very balanced overtones, with clear mid range frequencies and a wonderful ping attack. The large bell shape gives it its excellent bell sound. 20 and 22 rides have a Class finish with flat grooves and a warm sound with balanced overtones and an articulate attack.

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