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Classics Custom By using a B10 bronze alloy that has a higher content of tin than the standard Classics Series cymbals, high-tech computerized manufacturing, and a brilliant finish the new MEINL Classics Custom cymbals deliver outstanding sound qualities with a stunning, modern look. They deliver rich, musical sounds for ambitious rock and heavy drummers. B10 Bronze Alloy High-tech computerized manufacturing Outstanding sound qualities and brilliant look
Meinl 10
Meinl 10" Classics Custom Dark Splash
$139.99 $110.00
Meinl 14
Meinl 14" Classics Custom Dark Hi Hats
$379.99 $305.00
Meinl 16
Meinl 16" Classics Custom Dark Crash
$249.99 $199.99
Meinl 18
Meinl 18" Classics Custom Dark Crash
$289.99 $230.00
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