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Roland CY5 Dual Trigger Cymbal Pad

Product Code: CY5
The CY-5 from Roland is a dual-trigger cymbal pad ideal for use as a hi-hat or splash cymbal. It has a 12" playing zone and swing movement to allow for easier triggering. It also offers separate triggering on the bow and edge for a more dynamic performance. ... More>>

CY5 Dual Trigger Cymbal Pad $139.00 $115.00 Add to Cart Add  
Roland CY8 2-Zone V-Cymbal Crash

Product Code: CY8
Sporting a refined look that more closely resembles an acoustic cymbal’s feel, the new CY-8 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad offers precise and accurate triggering for the crash and ride cymbals—complete with “swinging” motion and cymbal “choke” capabilities More>>

CY8 2-Zone V-Cymbal Crash $149.00 $125.00 Add to Cart Add  
Roland FD8 Hi-Hat Controller

Product Code: FD8

Thanks to Roland’s FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, drummers can get realistic hi-hat sounds with smooth transitions between open and closed. The updated look makes the FD-8 fit perfectly with the striking new look of the V-Tour Series and V-Compact Series. More>>

FD8 Hi-Hat Controller $179.00 $155.00 Add to Cart Add  
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