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Welcome to Tuscany in Italy, the fascinating region where nature, culture and tradition merge in perfect harmony. This is home to UFIP, the legendary makers of cymbals, gongs and tam tams, renowned for their unique sound qualitties by professional drummers and percussionists worldwide for many decades. UFIP sounds can be heard in many famous opera houses and orchestras including: Scala di Milano; the Metropolitan Opera House in New York and London Symphony Orchestra. At UFIP the unique art of cymbal craftsmanship is still alive. Every piece is still completely handcrafted. Every single cymbal, manufactured by an experimental cymbal smith is a little masterpiece. There are no mass production or conveyor belts. UFIP cymbals are as unique as the drummers who play them. they offer the potential to let every musician develop his individual voice. UFIP cymbals are for drummers who trust their ears rather than bold advertising messages. Drummers playing UFIP are unique originals themselves.
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Ufip 18" Experience Series Bell Crash Cymbal


For more the 75 years the UFIP cymbal making know how has been passed on from one generation to the next. This has created some outstanding masterpieces. We take the liberty to continuously try new ideas and develop them further. Drummers come and visit us daily ... More>>

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