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Timbales (or tymbales) are shallow single-headed drums, shallower in shape than single-headed tom-toms, and usually much higher tuned. The player (known as a timbalero) uses a variety of stick and hand strokes, rim shots, and rolls on the skins to produce a wide range of percussive expression during solos and at transitional sections of music, and usually plays the shells of the drum or auxiliary percussion such as a cowbell or cymbal to keep time at other parts of the song.


Pearl Primero Pro Steel Timbales
Product Code: PTE-1415DX Primero Pro Steel Timbales are a budget conscious timbale set packed with professional features. The heavy-duty double braced tilting stand securely supports the 14" & 15" steel shells that are 7" deep for added projection and greater cascara surface area. The cowb ... More>>

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