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An agogo (is a Yoruba word meaning gong or bell in English) is a single or multiple bell now used throughout the world but with origins in traditional Yoruba music and also in the samba baterías (percussion ensembles). An agogo may be the oldest samba instrument and was based on West African Yoruba single or double bells. The agogô has the highest pitch of any of the batería instruments.

Ago-go Bells

Ago-go Bell, Brazilian Style
Product Code: 26CBA322 DB322 More>>

Ago-go Bell, Brazilian Style $24.95 $22.95 Add to Cart Add  
Ago-go Bell, Standard
Product Code: 26CBA1261 DB261 More>>

Ago-go Bell, Standard $24.95 Add to Cart Add  
LP Ago-go Bells Standard

Product Code: LP231A

Designed in the 1960’s in response to the Bossa Nova craze, LP’s interpretation of the instrument that comes from Brazil is distinctly brighter in sound than the original versions. Through years of extensive use on influential re ... More>>

Ago-go Bells Standard $119.99 $99.95 Add to Cart Add  
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