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The goblet drum (also chalice drum) is a goblet shaped hand drum used in Arabic music, Persian music, Balkan music, Armenian music, Azeri music and Turkish music. Its thin, responsive drumhead and resonance help it produce a distinctively crisp sound. It is of ancient origin, and is believed by some to have been invented before the chair.


Known under many differnt names and sprellings . Depending  on varying Cultures and Countries of origin.



Remo Doumbek 08" Soloist

Product Code: DK-3208-6M Remo  8" Soloist Doumbek


Doumbek 08" Soloist $479.00 $415.00 Add to Cart Add  
Remo Doumbek 09"

Product Code:DK-3009-5M Remo  9" Doumbek



Doumbek 09" $589.00 $499.00 Add to Cart Add  
Remo Doumbek 10"

Product Code:DK-3010-7M Remo 10" Doumbek



Doumbek 10" $629.00 $539.00 Add to Cart Add  
Tycoon Darabuka 06.5" Engraved Copper

Product Code:TP7535   Tycoon 6.5" Diameter x 12.5" High Embosed Copper Shell Darabuka / Dumbek / Dumbec / Doumbek etc.



Darabuka 06.5" Engraved Copper $199.00 $169.00 Add to Cart Add  
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