Odery Imbuia 5pce Shell Pack

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Odery Imbuia 5pce Shell Pack
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Product Code: ODERY-ST2

22"x 18" Kick Drum, 10"x 9" & 12"x 10" Toms, 16"x 17" Floor Tom & 14"x 6"  Shell Pack.

Imbuia wood shells. Fittings hand lathed cast.Hand Made in Brazil. 1 Only Collectors kit.

Every Odery drum is made by hand from Araucária or exotic Imbuia (two of the biggest and noblest trees found only in Southern Brazil), or in Copaíba e Jatobá ftom self-sustainable Amazon forests with very high density. Oderys manufacturing process is done the artisan way, using forms developed by us. Shaped by hand and submitted to the strictest QC process, from wood selection to the final touch, they undergo a process of drying by heat, involving special steps to assure the desired maximum quality, which will result in a uniform drum with optimum acoustic resonance. After all, its the "soul" of the instrument! Toms are 04 ply with final approximate thickness of 5,7mm, allowing more acoustic resonance and wood vibration, which allows for a more natural wood sound. Bass drums are 06 ply with approximate thickness of 8.2mm allowing for a slightly drier sound, with [encorpado] lows, compression and incredible kick. Angle patterns are 45° internal, externally sanded (also in 45º) for minimal contact between head and wood. However, Odery offers any customization for different thickness and angles for bearing edges, as well as mix of woods to obtain the desired sound or internal support for thinner drums. Bearing edges for the drums is done by Odery-developed machines, and is perfect for uniform wood contact, resulting in precise tuning. Internal finishing of the drums is also done by hand. Shells are sanded several times, until the desired smoothness is achieved, then sealed and waxed with a natural wax, leaving the drum with a slight shiny look, very attractive. External finish may be picked from several patterns, which can be covered, waxed, or lacquered. Odery makes drums varying in diameter from 06" to 24", including 15" . These may be ordered in any desired thickness. We can make drums in different thicknesses from the standard ones, according to your needs.

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